A custom designed walking and taxi tour with private local guide of Tel Aviv highlights including ancient and modern Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the cosmopolitan center of Israeli life. Walk the streets of Tel Aviv and gain an understanding of this modern 100 year old city, its connection to ancient Jaffa, Jerusalem, Ottoman Palestine and modern Israel.

Join this private custom designed 4-hour tour that can include history, the arts, architecture, gourmet food and markets, plus commerce and start ups.

Starting at your hotel, your private guide will have developed a custom designed program for you that can include a walk along Tel Aviv's historic boulevards to view the restored International-style Bauhaus architecture of World Heritage listing, and itinerary options that include the Rabin Center, Old Tel Aviv Port and Independence Hall. You may also see the Sarona complex, Neve Zedek Train station or the Carmel and Nachalat Binyamin markets. Enjoy the modern city whilst your guide explains the historic, political, social and dynamic cultural processes that make this a much talked about and loved city.

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